by: Ali Brown, RD, LD

It is no surprise that I’m obsessed with food. After all, I get paid to think and talk about different foods all day. And while yes, I am always looking for ways to increase my fruit and veggie intake – I like to splurge. I particularly enjoy ice cream. As you know, ice cream doesn’t have a place in an anti-inflammatory diet (so annoying). So, how can I make a healthy dessert to mimic ice cream?

One day I was at my local Target and stumbled upon something that caught my eye. This magical “Dessert Bullet” claims that it can make a healthy dessert in 10 seconds. The box stated that I could put a piece of frozen fruit into this machine, and it would produce ice cream. Huh.

It sounded too good to be true (a sign of a bad product), but for whatever reason, I chose to push aside my skepticism and buy the machine and a bag of frozen fruit.

The Dessert Bullet comes with a cookbook, and one of the recipes is for a simple vanilla “ice cream.” Get this: you put 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract and a banana in the shoot up top, and that’s it. The marvelous product that spits from the  machine was yellow, had a texture similar to ice cream, and made my heart happy. I can finally eat ice cream!!! Or is it fruit?? Or ice cream? It doesn’t matter – it’s delicious and cold and melts on my tongue so I’ll take it….a healthy dessert!

Do you have to use a banana? Absolutely not. If your combination of fruit includes a banana, the end product has great ice cream-like texture. However, using a mixture that excludes bananas is just as delicious – with a texture similar to sorbet. There are endless possibilities for making tasty treats between utilizing a variety of fruits and other add-ins.

At Vitality Consultants, we like to play with our SweetLeaf Stevia flavors. Using these, you can make hundreds of flavors! Take a banana, strawberry, and chocolate Stevia, and you have a delicious concoction. A banana and root beer create a root beer float. I’m not exaggerating when I say that you can make any sweet, cold treat that you can imagine with this machine. And have I mentioned that it’s all FRUIT?

Last night I was deciding if I wanted to go to the local ice cream shop and fill my stomach with regrets. It was then that I remembered that I had a bag of mixed fruit in my freezer. Heck yeah! I added some strawberries, pineapple, mango, and peaches to the shoot, pushed it down the tube, and watched a delicious treat come out. I saved myself the shame, bloating, calories, and fat that come with ice cream and in return consumed nothing but 2 servings of fruit. I know – so cool.

My advice to you – make your life better and get on Amazon or go to the store and get yourself a Dessert Bullet. It will be the best decision of the week.


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