My daughter Taylor was 2 years old when I was diagnosed. I was sick, tired, and terrified. It seemed easier to give up and check out than to attempt to get well. I remember lying in my bed listening to Taylor playing with her dolls, “My mommy is dying, she is sick” her doll says casually as if she was pointing out that the sky is blue. Taylor was also sick, this was a normal day for us. We would say bedtime prayers through her nebulizer treatment and once she was sleeping, I would pray for a miracle that I would be with her long enough to see her graduate from high school. It seemed so out of reach at the time.

I became passionate about researching food, nutrition, and wellness. With the help of functional medicine, I changed my diet, lost weight, and actually started to get well. Naturally, everyone wanted to know how I did it. I began sharing my story, helping others change their lives. I would coach, cook, help clean pantries, give grocery store tours, whatever was needed. This started my journey as a personal chef, preparing meals in client’s homes and grew over time to a meal delivery company, coaching company, author of numerous cookbooks and courses, and my work with hundreds of doctors across the nation to help transform our community’s vitality through nutrition.

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